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additions and renovations

Additions and renovations are often, by their nature, more stylistically constrained by existing structures, particularly when the “anchor” structure, or building, is historic.  Nonetheless, Cee Jay Frederick Associates has consistently applied its core design principles and concepts in addressing commissions of this type—i.e. a modern interpretation of the existing vernacular while maintaining an emphasis on response to the existing site and environmental conditions.  This reconciliation is intended to maximize the benefits inherent in the existing site amenities and ensure response to the client’s needs and the practicalities of sustainability in the end product.





Dean Street Residences (27 & 29)

Brynlawn Residence

Upper Gulph Road Residence

Owen Road Residence

Canon Hill Road Residence

Valley Forge Mountain House

King's Grant

Longport Residence

Miscellaneous Projects

Upper Bank House

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