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darlington woods

borough of wawa, delaware county, pennsylvania

multi-family residential


Darlington Woods is a Planned Residential Development (PRD) that required the application of all of the service capabilities of Cee Jay Frederick Associates.  Started as an application for a zoning change for almost one hundred fifty acres of mostly wooded and partly pastoral land in close proximity to the City of Philadelphia near Media Pennsylvania, the engagement lasted many years in just the entitlements phase of the effort.  Thus, Cee Jay Frederick Associates was first involved as planners in the development of the land plan for development, the Zoning Ordinance Language, and the presentation of Hearing Testimony, as required by the state Municipalities Planning Code, to achieve the necessary approvals.   Thereafter, a design focus prevailed and Cee Jay Frederick Associates' efforts turned to the overall and detailed site and landscape design of the project environs and amenities, and the architectural design of the multi-family residential housing component according to two completely different building/unit formats.  One provided for all unit entries at the front or side of an overall structure of six or eight units of two-story townhouses or single level flats, at the ends, with attached garages.  The other was configured as eight and ten-unit buildings entered at the front or side, with over/under arrangement of the units, exclusively.  The firm’s responsibilities also extended to the design and placement of all site/street/project signage for the community.


signage and wayfinding


As part of the overall site and landscape design responsibilities with regard to this residential community, Cee Jay Frederick Associates designed the signage and branding package relative to identification and wayfinding, inclusive of directional and street signage.  The design aesthetic is consistent in its period reference to the historical motifs of the geographic area within which it is located.

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