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exton crossing

exton, chester county, pennsylvania

multi-family residential


Exton Crossing is another project that involved the application of a considerable number of the services offered by Cee Jay Frederick Associates, as it involved the transformation of the property’s zoning classification from light industrial to multi-family residential, and a most complete package of planning and design services was deployed over a multi-year time span.  They included the development of Zoning Ordinance text, meetings and hearings testimony, land planning, site planning and design, and a full range of architectural design services from schematics to construction documentation.  The latter concerned itself primarily with the development of a new “featured” apartment unit type, comprised of two and four-unit buildings, designed and arranged according to a more Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) format.  It also addressed all of the variable types of community facilities, including the recreation and meeting/community complex, post office facility, amphitheater, formal gardens, day care center, etc.


landscape design


Cee Jay Frederick Associates had extensive responsibility with regard to this 400-unit primarily residential development, including involvement in the landscape planning and design.  As the physical expression of the community strove to be characterized according to a Traditional Neighborhood Development format, the landscape and hardscape/site features and amenities design needed to be consistent with the aesthetic appropriate to it.  Hence, the streetscape, unit, and community facilities landscaping is a direct follow-up to the more traditional land plan, site layout, and building architecture.


parks and recreation, special purpose


At Exton Crossing, Cee Jay Frederick Associates’ role in the development of the community facilities was extensive, requiring complete design and documentation responsibility.  The community facilities for this project were all encompassing and provided a varied amenities package for residents, including a traditional community building and accessory recreation and pool package, a Victorian Pavilion and outdoor amphitheater venue, English Flower Gardens, a Sitting Garden, Post Office (i.e. mail pick-up with vehicular access and indoor and outdoor sitting areas to promote social interaction), and sports courts.  


signage and wayfinding


As part of the overall site and landscape design responsibilities regarding this residential community, Cee Jay Frederick Associates had responsibility to design the signage and branding package relative to identification and wayfinding, inclusive of the directional and street signage.  The design aesthetic for this signage is consistent in its eclectic reference to the historical motifs of the geographic area within which they are located.

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