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exton post office

exton, chester county, pennsylvania

institutional and governmental, special purpose


As part of the overall renovation and expansion of the Exton Square Mall, various buildings in close proximity, or within, the existing Mall property  had to be relocated (a 17th Century stone farmhouse) or demolished and rebuilt anew.  One example of the latter was an existing United States Postal Facility.  Within the context of the contemporary architectural aesthetic for the Mall that made reference to the vernacular architecture of the region, Cee Jay Frederick Associates was commissioned to serve as the Design Architect and overall and detailed Site Designer and Landscape Architect for the design of a new postal facility, to be located at the perimeter of the property accessible from one of the existing principle roadways.  In that capacity, the exterior elevations of the then current postal facility prototype were thematically reformatted, and an entrance structure was added to provide this iconic institutional building with a presence both within and on the street fronting the Mall, immediately adjacent to the site.  This was accomplished without changing any aspect of the design prototype in terms of interior layout and overall function.   

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