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main street at exton

exton, chester county, pennsylvania

shopping center, mixed use


A multi-year struggle with regard to the attainment of a rezoning from industrial to commercial land use and the attainment of the approvals/entitlements to build a large regional shopping center culminated in the design of a “neo-traditional” lifestyle town center project as part of the development of approximately eight hundred thousand square feet of mixed use retail and office space, almost two hundred residential units, and the preservation, restoration and adaptive reuse of  one of the earliest farmsteads in the area, comprised of six extant buildings, on almost two hundred acres of land at the geographical center of a prominent Township and County in southeast Pennsylvania.  As such, it constitutes one of the very first developments of its kind in the state.  Cee Jay Frederick Associates had responsibility for all planning and (re)zoning, land planning, detailed site and landscape/hardscape design (curb-to-building and extensive plaza spaces). Cee Jay Frederick Associates was also responsible for the conceptual architectural design of the streetscape expression for the “downtown” retail storefronts and a new exterior format/appearance for two “Big Box” stores that were part of the overall program for development.  In addition, the planning and design responsibilities of the firm ultimately culminated in the design of the municipal complex that was planned as the focal terminus of the namesake “Main Street” of the project.  

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