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pequea residence

martic township, lancaster county, pennsylvania

single family residential


The Pequea Residence required the creation of two living units on a steeply slopIng wooded site that comprised approximately thirty acres.  The house was sited adjacent to a stream headwater in the lowest, most open area on the property to allow for more convenient vehicular access and enjoyment of the stream’s proximity.  Although a contemporary structure, the residence and outbuildings are expressive in form and materials of the mining buildings that once dotted the local landscape, in some areas even making specific reference to the ruins that remain to document their past existence.


interior design


As the building type reference for this house was grounded in the industrial archeology of the area, many features at the interior are expressive of it, particularly in terms of the materials used and exposed in various locations.  Most notable are the exposed ceiling/roof wood and metal truss joists and the raw concrete and rusticated masonry feature walls at the Living, Family Room and upper and lower corridors.  The concrete, masonry and a natural reference to the native stone of the area further punctuate the articulation of the fireplaces.  In addition, things like the deck at the Master Bedroom are fashioned of metal and industrial grating at the floors, and, long before their popularity, concrete countertops became a logical choice for the Kitchen.  

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