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turner square

west goshen township, chester county, pennsylvania

shopping center


Cee Jay Frederick Associates had complete responsibility for the planning and zoning vis-à-vis the attainment of all approvals/entitlements, land planning, architectural design and documentation, and detailed site, hardscape/landscape and branding/signage design for this strip shopping center built by the owner of an adjacent neighborhood strip shopping center.  As such, it was a case of a defensive play in the marketplace that forced overlooking the difficulties inherent in the nature of the property at hand--i.e. particularly its significantly sloping terrain, small size, long narrow configuration, and the proximity/exposure to the service areas and truck loading for the adjacent center.  To that end, the building itself is configured to provide a visual barrier and compatibility with the adjacent service areas and takes full advantage of a zero lot line setback provision in the Zoning Ordinance in doing so.  The site, nonetheless, provides for numerous points of access and adequate parking directly in front of the storefronts.  A pad site was even accommodated at one end of the property, but rendered irrelevant to the aesthetic of the principle building expression that comprises the center, itself, by a preference for an existing architectural brand. 


signage and wayfinding 


As part of the overall architectural, site, and landscape design responsibilities for this in-line/strip shopping center, Cee Jay Frederick Associates had responsibility for the design and documentation of the principal signage for the center in terms of the overall project sign and the monument signs constructed at each entrance, serving to provide a directory of key tenants.  The former was designed as a monumental building sign in keeping with the eclectic architectural and aesthetic expression of the structure.  The latter drew upon the building’s architectural format for inspiration with regard to form and materials, while seizing the opportunity for additional “branding” through the use of the steel “T” for its support.  Both signs are internally illuminated for maximum nighttime expression. 

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