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institutional and governmental

Given the interdisciplinary capabilities of Cee Jay Frederick Associates, institutional and governmental projects have often involved the application of a full range of professional disciplines from land planning to detailed site and architectural design and construction administration.  These projects have addressed new construction or additions and renovations, which in some instances were de-facto restorations.  Governmental clients have primarily been municipal, while the institutional clients have been more varied, but may generally be characterized as institutions of learning and other non-profit organizations.  New construction has been expressive of a contemporary aesthetic, whereas the additions, renovations, and restorations, while nonetheless contemporary functioning spaces, have maintained a degree of contextual responsibility vis-à-vis their building precedents.  




Exton Post Office


West Whiteland Municipal Complex


Villa Maria Master Plan and Bus Canopy

Jenkins Arboretrum / Willaman Center


Longwood Gardens East Conservatory

Villa Maria Pre-school and Gymnasium 

Longwood Gardens Red Lion Center

New London Presbyterian Church

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Center

Miscellaneous Projects 

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