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landscape design

The application of the discipline of Landscape Design and the profession of Landscape Architecture to the development and holistic assemblage of any structured physical design solution involves the comprehensive application of the basic tenets of the design philosophy of Cee Jay Frederick Associates.  That is to say, given the context of an inter-disciplinary identity, this design philosophy has always been characterized by a most complete understanding of, and approach to, the landscape, reaching beyond the preparation of planting plans to a thorough reconciliation of existing and future site conditions, and the existing and future natural and structural components that characterize them, to develop a more perfect balance and symbiosis between the natural and man-made landscape in the proposed composition of site improvements.  

To these ends, as part of any natural landscape solution, emphasis is placed upon the ecological value of the synergies inherent in the particular existing and future environment; whereas, within the structured confines of the built environment, our conceptual approach is most likely to maintain an architectonic focus, favoring adherence to the functional and aesthetic principles of design as they may apply to a given palette of hardscape and landscape materials.



Brynlawn Residence

Dean Street Residences (27 & 29)

Exton Crossing


Village at Bridgewater Commons

Sovereign Bank

The Woods at Blue Heron

Sharples Farmstead

The Courts at Valley View

Miscellaneous Residential Concept Plans

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