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single family residential

The single family residential projects undertaken by Cee Jay Frederick Associates have been primarily custom design commissions for specific owner occupant clients.  Some of the designs respond to specific stylistic preferences of the client, while others are concerned with the responsibilities of the historical presence/context of an existing structure.  In designing many of these projects, of foremost concern is the exploration of a modern expression while nonetheless making reference to the local architectural traditions of a given geographic area (in most cases southeast Pennsylvania).  However, all respond to the environmental conditions and the unique characteristics that comprise the specific site of construction. Buildings as assemblages of walls within, and with respect to, the natural landscape, as a meaningful and pleasurable response to the inherent characteristics of a specific site is a recurrent concept that permeates the work and seeks to effect a more perfect coalescence of architecture and landscape architecture.





Wawaset Road Residence



Pequea Residence


Fairview Residence


Lucky Hill Road Residence


North Coventry Residence 


Chester Springs Residence


Prototype Housing


Deer Pointe Residences


Miscellaneous Single Family Land Planning Projects


Chesapeake Bay Residences


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