mixed use

Mixed use projects have generally addressed large scale efforts of a commercial and residential nature.   Multi-family projects have predominantly characterized the latter, retail and office development the former.  Cee Jay Frederick Associates, at a minimum, has assumed the responsibility for the planning, land planning, and zoning approvals-related services to, in most cases, set forth a Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) format for both the site layout and the application of design guidelines for construction.  Such projects are often referred to as “lifestyle centers,” and, while they have been developed and are maturing elsewhere in the country, they are relatively scarce in the northeast.  A mix of use and critical mass is important for the successful development of walking environments and a lifestyle reminiscent of that embodied in a “downtown” shopping district and relatively urban living.  Invariably, such developments embrace a full schedule of design criteria that serve to ensure the highest quality of the built environment.




Main Street at Exton


New Garden Lifestyle Center 



Hancock Square


Byer's Station / Covered Bridge


Skippack Lifestyle Center 



Exton Crossing

Gloucester Point Shops / Boat Storage


Main Street at Woolwich 


Lionville Village Square


Devault Town Center