multi-family residential

Multi-family residential projects undertaken by Cee Jay Frederick Associates address a broad spectrum of community living: from large and small, to contemporary and historic renovations, to urban infill and raw rural properties.  As is the case with many of the other past project types, most have involved the application of the full range of our professional experience, spanning the attainment of municipal planning approvals to architectural design and construction.  All buildings and their related amenities are placed on a site and designed in response to the environmental and man-made conditions that characterize it and its surroundings.  In addition, urban infill projects respond to a neighborhood context and its reconciliation with the existing site landscape.  Projects have ranged from as small as three dwellings to four hundred living units.  Open space, cluster, and gated communities characterized many of the early efforts, whereas more recent projects have been of an urban infill or "townscape" nature.  This transition in the fundamental concepts of planning and design has resulted in the first introductions of the Transit-Oriented and Traditional Neighborhood Development types (TOD and TND, respectively) to this service category of the practice. 





Exton Crossing



Jacobs' Woods



Darlington Woods



Glenloch II






The Woods at Blue Heron



22 Dean Street



Charlestown Hunt


Fox Hill Farm


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