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special purpose

Although some of the examples incorporated within this services category might relate to other use designations addressed in the overall body of work by Cee Jay Frederick Associates, they are, by their more unique nature, and the relative eccentricity of the use, truly intended for a special purpose.  Consequently, this category of projects, which are almost exclusively involved with site and architectural design and construction, are not of a homogenous constituency.  Some of them could be considered retail, others institutional, residential, or recreational, but they may be deemed anomalous to those categories and more worthy of individual recognition.  As with almost all of the other use categories, construction types include both new buildings on open lands and additions and renovations.




Exxon Fueling Station (Exton)


Exton Post Office


Chester County SPCA

Goose Creek (STP) Maintenance Garage

Exton Crossing

Concord Pool House

Marshalton Hotel

Longwood Gardens Organ Museum

Exton Garage

Miscellaneous Projects

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